My team and I created a persuasive game called "Career Chaser" to approach the workplace harassment problem.
A big problem with a lot of students is that they don't know what type of actions to take when they are placed in a situation of harassment, which they're violated of their rights and made feel discriminated and intimidated upon unlawful actions. Therefore, we have implemented our solution by creating a game for the students to play in order to familiarize themselves with workplace harassment.

How to play the game is that the player must dodge the obstacles and get to the employer in each level. There're problematic scenarios given in each level, in total of 5. When the player completes all five scenarios successfully, they can proceed to the next level. When all three levels are completed, they win the game.

My role in this was to create the screens for the game as well as conduct the user testing.  
User testing was conducted on the look of the prototype to further improve the quality of the game.
We also made a website for this project and outlined the game in it. 
This was a fun activity that made me think deeply about the problem. It was not such complex and intimidating project to finish but coming up with the solution to the problem was the most difficult part. All in all, the process of making the game was highly enjoyable. This game process could be a lot more achieved and create deeper thinking but with such difficult and broad problem to solve this was our best work. 
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